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Chanel founder Gabrielle Chanel in 1913 Chanel was founded in Paris, Chanel's products range from clothing, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, each product is known, in particular, her perfume and fashion. Chanel is a famous brand in more than 80 years experience, Chanel Fashion has always elegant, simple, elegant style, she good at breaking the traditional, early 40's on the success of "tied chanel outlet up" the ladies into the simple, comfortable, which perhaps the first modern casual wear. Otherwise known as Chanel and American child star of "Chanel" in the name of the movie works. Chanel founder Coco Chanel Miss, formerly known as "Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel Replica", 1883, was born in France, Auvergne. Chanel Miss 6 years old his mother passed away, his father even leave her and four other brothers and sisters. Since then, she was brought up by his aunt adults, a child admitted to convent school, and there learned hand sewing skills.

Miss Chanel 22 years old (in 1905), she became a cafe singer and played the stage name "Coco", karaoke bars and cafes in different musicians living. In this showgirl career, Coco Chanel has to meet two old customers and become their lover, a British industrialist, the other a wealthy officer. Meet dignitaries, so Coco Chanel have the economic ability to open their own shop. Chanel 1910, Coco Fake Chanel opened a women's hat shop in Paris, with extraordinary sewing skills, Ms. Chanel sew a simple and engaging another top style hat. Chanel lady for her lover that the two introduced a lot of celebrity guests. At that time the ladies are tired of fancy trim, so Chanel design hat on their Oasis is like a general. In just one year, Miss Chanel business is rising, so Coco Chanel Fake Bags moved her shop child temperament more fashionable Rue Cambon area, since this area is still the Chanel headquarters. Make hats must not meet Coco Chanel's fashion career ambitions, so she enter the field of haute couture clothing. In 1914, Coco Chanel opened two boutiques, fashion brands have far-reaching impact on future generations "Chanel" declared officially born. Chanel into the 1920s, Miss Chanel designed a number of innovative models, such as Fake Chanel Handbags tricot sailor dress, black miniskirt (little black dress), turtle neck sets and other clothing. Moreover, Coco Chanel get inspiration from the men's, ladies' man added a little more taste, a women's over year change Profusion gorgeous fashion. For example, a suit jacket (Blazer) style adding "Chanel" women's series, has launched a bold "Chanel" ladies pants. Do not forget that in the 1920s women were only wearing a skirt! Chanel Coco Chanel This series of creation as a significant revolution in the history of modern fashion.

Coco Chanel fashion aesthetics of unique insight and a rare talent, so she made ​​a lot of poets, painters and intellectuals. Her friends have abstract were masters Picasso, French poet director Jean Cocteau, and so on. Miss Coco Chanel era is the golden age of French fashion and the arts. Chanel addition to fashion, Chanel also in 1922 launched the famous Chanel No.5 perfume. Chanel No.5 perfume bottle is a very Art Deco flavor with a square glass bottles. Chanel No.5 is the history of the first bottle of perfume named after the chanel replica bags designer, and the "double C" logo also make this bottle of Chanel perfume history became the most profitable products in the HengYuan time promenade enduring! So far in the official website of Chanel No.5 Chanel perfume is still highlights products. Nicole Kidman star as a spokesperson for the Chanel No.5 perfume ad is pass for the classic of classics. Chanel 30-40 years, World War II broke out, Coco Chanel shop put off, and love replica chanel of the Nazi officers fled Switzerland. In 1954, she returned to France, Chanel comeback, Miss Chanel in her usual simple and natural style, quickly captured a public Parisian women. Tweed coat, bell-bottoms and so are the Coco Chanel works of the postwar period. French fashion brand Chanel became the most glorious stroke. Chanel's design replica chanel handbags has been kept simple and elegant style, the use of Tartan plaid or Nordic geometric print, tweed and other fabrics, comfortable and natural. Coco Chanel 1971, after his death, the German designer Karl Lagerfeld become the soul of the brand Chanel. Chanel since 1983, "Lafayette" Karl Lagerfeld has served as the chief designer of Chanel, the Chanel fashion towards another peak. There is an interesting place worthy of mention is the Chanel brand was founded nearly 90 years, has never had such a men until the 2005/2006 autumn and winter series was made just a few pieces of men listed.
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